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ZZTK900 No-Contract Solar Charged Portable GPS Tracker – Real-Time Tracking for Vehicles and Assets


Get real-time tracking for vehicles and assets with the ZZTK900 No-Contract Solar Charged Portable GPS Tracker. Solar powered for long-lasting battery life.

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Only 2 left in stock


ZZTK900 No-Contract Solar Charged Portable GPS Tracker – Real-Time Tracking for Vehicles and Assets (No Contract – First Year Use on Tracking Platform FREE) (10006175)

The ZZTK900 No-Contract Solar Charged Portable GPS Tracker provides real-time tracking for vehicles and assets, allowing you to monitor their location anytime, anywhere. With solar charging capabilities, this tracker offers long-lasting battery life and is perfect for those who want a reliable and convenient tracking solution.

(1) 4G
(2) Beidou/GPS, WIFI, LBS multiple modes of positioning;
(3) Multi-mode intelligent work;
(4) Support blind spot make-up pass;
(5) Support over-speed alarm;
(6) Support single fence and multiple fence alarms;
(7) Anti-demolition alarm with light sensor;
(8) Waterproof IP68 and dust-proof design;


(1) Support SOS alarm, Battery will enter low power protection when the battery power is lower than
40%, and will start charging solar panel when battery power lower than 80%.
(2) Support electronic fence function. Users can through platform/APP define a virtual electronic
fence. It can be recognized by platform and alert when equipment enter or exit the fence.
(3) It will call admin phone number or message when alert, and will upload platform.
(4)The terminal adopts industrial-grade high-stability GPRS module from well-known manufacturers,
built-in 4G high-sensitivity antenna, supports TCP/IP data transmission, and supports domain
name/IP address to connect to the server.
(5) Built-in large-capacity memory chip, support offline data storage and supplementary transmission
blind area data; when the solar tracker is in weak signal place or serious interference, Car will
temporarily store the vehicle running data in FLASH, and when wireless signal is restored normal,
Data can be supplemented to achieve no data omission.
(6) Built-in 3-axis acceleration sensor, integrated with precise acceleration algorithm, real-time
acquisition of the vehicle’s current attitude and other vehicle condition judgments.
(7)High-sensitivity GPS/BDS dual-star positioning module, anti-jamming ceramic antenna, realizes
more stable satellite search signals, and supports AGPS fast positioning and tracking.
(8) When sleep mode, Support battery low voltage monitoring and alarm, abnormal vibration alarm,
(9) Support online remote upgrade and remote configuration of product parameters.
(10) When Low-power energy-saving mode, accurate solar locator status, intelligent sleep and wakeup
mechanism, can reduce the average power consumption of the entire system.

Description of working mode
(1) Timing positioning mode: In this mode, GSM is always on, and the terminal locates and uploads
location data according to the set timing interval. The positioning interval can be set by logging in to
the location service platform or mobile client specified by the dealer.
(2) Intelligent mode: The terminal can automatically identify the current positioning environment and
motion status, and intelligently select the positioning mode and upload interval.
(3) Super power-saving mode: The terminal can wake up regularly to upload location data, and the
interval between wake-up periods can be set. After waking up to upload location data, the terminal
will enter deep sleep, during which it cannot perform any remote query setting tasks.

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Weight 1.2 kg
Dimensions 30 × 20 × 8 cm

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Consumer Electronics > GPS Tracking & Navigation

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