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XTOOL D7W Automotive Bidirectional Wireless Wifi Diagnostic Scan Tool


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Bidirectional Scan Tool XTOOL D7W Wireless Version with 3-Year Updates, ECU Coding, CAN FD&DoIP, 36+ Resets, Key Programming, All System Car Diagnostic Scanner  (10006864)

The XTOOL D7W Automotive Bidirectional Wireless Wifi Diagnostic Scan Tool is a powerful tool for diagnosing and troubleshooting issues in your vehicle. It can connect wirelessly via Wifi to your smartphone or tablet, allowing you to easily access and analyze data from your car’s systems. With bidirectional control capabilities, you can perform advanced functions like key programming, throttle adaptation, and more. This versatile tool is perfect for both DIY enthusiasts and professional mechanics.

Upgraded Ver. of D7BT, Wireless Ver. of D7/D7S Scanner: Ideal Choice for DIYers & Small and Medium Repair Shops!

1.Extremely quick communication, fast data transfer speed. Do you need a scanner going beyond cable limitations as traditional tablet when you need to show the diagnostic results to customers or just for convenience? Do you need a scanner for winter or cold weather so that you can stay at home and scan your car remotely? Do you need a stable connection and fast communication? Do you need a stable scanner running faster and truly wireless than BT scanners?✔✔Choose XTOOL D7W, your ultimate companion.

2.All-In-One, comprehensive vehicle scan tool with: OE full diagnosisbidirectional control36+servicesadvanced special functionsECU codingBuilt-in CAN FD & DoIP Protocol, solves most common vehicles troubles by yourself without paying mechanics or repair shops.✔✔What a big time and money saver!

  • “Dealership-level” Full Systems Diagnosis: Access to all available modules and troubleshoot all available systems to quick locate the faulty part, work on 10,000 global 12V vehicles. & 8-In-1 Graphing: Allow you to customize up to 8 specific PIDs, and merge 8 graphs combined at one time in one view to further analysis.
  • Full Bidirectional Control (Active Tests): Perform active tests to control various car components to identify the malfunctions.
  • 36+ Popular Reset Functions: Most commonly used resets & relearns to save money from repair shops for daily repair. & Added Advanced Functions: More functions under diagnosis-specific systems including Crankshaft Position Sensor learning, Yaw Rate Sensor calibration, Fuel Trim Reset, Idle learn Reset, etc.
  • CAN FD/DoIP Protocol: Built-in CAN FD works for GM vehicles after 2020, and DoIP for Land Rover, for Jaguar, for BMW E F G Chassis, no need to buy extra adapter or extra fee.

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