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XH-M240 Battery Capacity Tester for 18650 Lithium Cells


The XH-M240 Battery Capacity Tester accurately measures the capacity of 18650 lithium cells. It features an LCD screen, protection features, and various testing options.

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XH-M240 Battery Capacity Tester for 18650 Lithium Cells (10003041)

The XH-M240 Battery Capacity Tester is a reliable and efficient tool designed specifically for 18650 lithium cells. With its compact design and user-friendly interface, it allows you to accurately measure the capacity of your batteries. The tester features a digital display that shows real-time voltage and capacity readings, ensuring you have precise information at all times. It also incorporates a discharge function that helps to prolong battery life by safely discharging them before recharging. The XH-M240 Battery Capacity Tester is a must-have for anyone who relies on 18650 lithium cells, whether for personal use or professional applications.


Made of high quality electronic components, it is solid, durable and good conductivity and performance, long service life.

This battery capacity tester is used to test the voltage, discharge capacity and discharge energy of a 18650 lithium battery.

With dual working power supply, it has high working efficiency, and saves your time.

It can display discharge capacity and discharge energy.

And it supports parameter memory function, convenient for checking next time.

Battery capacity tester only, battery is not included!

Product Parameters:
Model: XH-M240
Display accuracy: 0.1
Measurement accuracy: 1mAH
Power supply: DC 5V-12V/18650 battery (Not included)
Standby current: 5-7mA
Discharge current: About 500mA
Load power: 10W, 8Ω
Installation hole: 3mm
Material: Circuit Board, Electronic Components
Size: app.11 x 8cm/4.33 x 3.15in
Color: Green
Quantity: 1 Pc
Package contents:
1 x Battery Capacity Tester

Additional information

Weight 0.3 kg
Dimensions 13 × 10 × 5 cm

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