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Waterproof Outdoor Surface Mounted Solar PV Combiner Box – Durable and Reliable Solution for Solar PV Installations

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The Waterproof Outdoor Surface Mounted Solar PV Combiner Box is a durable and reliable solution for combining and protecting multiple solar PV strings, featuring a compact and surface-mounted design.

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Waterproof Outdoor Surface Mounted 1-in-1-out 600V IP65 Solar PV Surge Lightning Protection DC Combiner Box (10005941)

The Waterproof Outdoor Surface Mounted Solar PV Combiner Box is a durable and reliable solution for combining and protecting multiple solar PV strings. This combiner box is designed to withstand harsh outdoor environments, with its waterproof and weather-resistant construction. It provides a safe and efficient way to connect and manage solar panels, ensuring maximum power output and system performance. The combiner box features a compact and surface-mounted design, making it easy to install and maintain. It is equipped with high-quality components and built-in surge protection, offering a secure and long-lasting solution for solar PV installations. With its advanced features and rugged design, this combiner box is an essential component in any outdoor solar power system.

1 strings DC600V use DC600V circuit breaker 2 pole 1pcs, DC600V surge protector 2 pole 1 pcs, DC1000V fuse 15A 2 pcs, solar connector 1 pair.

Product introduction

PV String DC Combiner Boxes are key components in the solar power systems, which are placed between solar modules and the inverters.

Product functions

  • Simplify the physical between solar panel and inverter
  • Fault current protection for each String
  • Fault alarm
  • Easy installation and maintenance

Product features

  • Very high impact resistance
  • Easy machining with normal tools
  • IP65
  • Wide operation temperature range
  • Fire Resistance
  • Non-conductive
  • Good resistance to chemical corrosion
  • Light weight
  • Excellent insulating properties
  • Cost-effective material for harsh environments

Product specifications

Solar PV DC 1 in 1 out Combiner Box

Rated voltage of photovoltaic system

DC 600V

Max input amp for each string


Input strings


Number of output strings


Waterproof grade ip65/ Lighting protection

Category of test

II grade protection

Nominal discharge amp


Max discharge amp


Volt protection level


SPD Max operation voltage

DC 600V



Structure characteristic

Plug push module


Protection grade


Output switch

DC circuit breaker

Solar connector


Box material


Installation method

Wall mounting type

Operating temperature


Installation: indoors/outdoors


Mechanical parameter

Width*hight*Depth (mm)


Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 15 cm

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