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Ultraviolet Mini 365nm LED Flashlight for Versatile Applications


The Ultraviolet Mini 365nm LED Flashlight emits a powerful UV light at 365nm, making it perfect for detecting counterfeit currency, inspecting cleanliness, identifying pet stains, and more.

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Ultraviolet Mini LED Flashlight, Zoomable, 365nm (10006766)

The Ultraviolet Mini 365nm LED Flashlight is a versatile tool that emits a powerful UV light at a wavelength of 365nm. This compact and lightweight flashlight is perfect for a wide range of applications such as detecting counterfeit currency, inspecting hotel rooms for cleanliness, identifying pet stains, and even hunting scorpions. The durable aluminum alloy construction ensures long-lasting performance, while the 365nm UV light provides optimal visibility. With its portable design and convenient on/off switch, this UV flashlight is an essential tool for professionals and enthusiasts alike.

Material: Aluminium
Color: Black
Size: 91mm length x24mm diameter
LED UV blacklight flashlight
Ideal to keep one in your backpack, car or toolbox
Low power-consumption
Great for checking notes, credit cards, fluorescent inks (invisible inks), cracked glassware.
Easy to use– just press ON/OFF button
Brightness: 80-150mcd
Long lifespan: 10,000 hours;
Wavelength: 365nm
Powered by 1 x AA batteries (not included)
Quantity: 1pcs


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Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 15 × 5 × 5 cm

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