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STC-3028 AC220v Digital Temperature Controller


The STC-3028 AC220v Digital Temperature Controller ensures precise temperature control for various applications with its user-friendly interface and high accuracy.

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STC-3028 AC220v Digital Temperature Controller Thermo regulator for Heating and Cooling (10005443)

The STC-3028 AC220v Digital Temperature Controller is a versatile tool for maintaining precise temperature levels in various applications. With a clear LCD display and easy-to-use interface, this controller offers accurate temperature control for optimal performance. It features a wide temperature range, high resolution, and user-friendly programming options. Ideal for refrigeration, heating, fermentation, and other temperature-sensitive processes.

The device is also suitable for temperature control systems such as laboratory use.

Mini and lightweight design
Large and clear LCD display
Wide temperature range (-50-99°C temperature)
Dual heating and cooling
Automatic over temperature alarm
Control the temperature by setting the temperature setpoint and different values
Temperature calibration
Cooling control output delay protection
Including installation wiring diagram

Product specifications:
Color: Black
Application: Aquarium, Crystal Ball, Animal Feeding, Paludarium, Chicken Incubator
Control temperature range: -50 – 90 °C temperature (adjustable)
Control temperature difference: 0.3 – 10 °C temperature (adjustable)
Resolution: 0.1 °C temperature
Accuracy: ±1 °C temperature (-50 – 70 °C insulation)
Sensor: NTC sensor
Sensor failure delay: 2 minutes
Relay contact capacity (heating): 10A (maximum) 250 V
Relay contact capacity (cooling): 10 A (max) 250 V
Compressor delay protection time: 1~10 minutes (adjustable)
Working temperature: 0 – 60 °C temperature
Storage temperature: -30 – 75 °C temperature
Working relative humidity: 20~85% (no condensation)
Alarm output: buzzer
Power supply: AC110~220V 50/60 Hz

Power consumption: <3 W
Cable length: 1 meter
Product size: approx. 84 * 69 * 34 mm

Package List:
1x Mini Thermostat Temperature Controller
1x Waterproof Sensor

Panel instruction

Display instruction: Three-digit LED + Minus digit + Status indicator
light(Status indicator light(Cool,
Heat)+Set indicator light(Set))
Key instruction:” “Key: the key to
set;” “key: Up key;” “key: Down
key;” “:the key to turn on and off
the power
Key operation instruction
1.The way to check parameter: Under normal working status, press” “key it displays temperature setting value; press ” “key it displays the difference value.
2. The way to set parameter: Under controller normal working status, press” “key for 3s or more to enter parameter modifying mode, and the “Set” indicator light on, screen displays the first menu code “F1″. Press” “key or” ” key to adjust up and down and display the menu item and the code of the menu item. Press” “key to display the parameter value of the current menu. Press both” ” key and hold” “key or” ” key simultaneously to choose and adjust the parameter value of the current menu value promptly. After finishing the setting, press and release the ” “key instantly to save the parameter modified value and return to display the normal temperature value. If no key operation within 10 seconds, system won’t save modified parameter, screen back to display normal temperature.
3. Restore system data when electrified, system will check itself, screen will display “Er”if error exit, please press any key at this time, and it restores default value and enter into normal working mode. it is advised to reset the parameter value under such conditions
Operation instruction
Under controller normal working status, press and hold” “key for 3s can turn off the controller; Under controller “off” status, press and hold” ” key for 1s can turn on the controller. Under the controller normal working status, screen displays the current measuring temperature value; also the controller can also switch the working mode between heating and cooling. Controller starts refrigerating with cool indicator light on when the measuring temperature value≥ temperature set value + difference value, and the refrigerating relay is connected; If the “Cool” indicator light flashes, it indicates the refrigerating equipment is under compressor delay protect status; when the measuring temperature values≤ temperature set value, the Cool indicator light on, and
refrigerating relay disconnects. System starts heating when the measuring temperature value≤ the temperature set value-difference value, and the “Heat” indicator light
on, the heat relay connects; When the measuring temperature 2 temperature set value the “Heat” indicator light is off, and the heat relay disconnects.

Additional information

Weight 0.4 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 7 cm

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