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PWM Stepless Motor Speed Governor 10A DC Motor Forward Reverse Controller (10006473)


The PWM Stepless Motor Speed Governor is a 20A DC motor controller with forward and reverse function, allowing precise and smooth adjustment of motor speed.

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It is a motor governor. It can connect a DC motor, adjust the speed of the motor, and support step less adjustment.


1).The motor governor has reverse connection protection, the positive and negative poles are connected incorrectly and will not work, which can protect the governor well.

2).The drive module supports both forward and reverse directions.

3).The motor adjustment module has fixed mounting ears for easy installation.

4).Its speed regulation range can reach 100%.

5).Its speed regulation range can reach 100%.


1).Product Name: Motor Governor

2).Working Voltage: DC 9V-60V

3).Control Current:0-10A

4).Speed Regulation Range:0-100%

5).The Principle of Speed Regulation: flow regulation

6).Potentiometer Opening:7mm

7).Speed Regulation: potentiometer

8).Work Temperature:-25℃~85℃

9).Work Humidity:5%~95%RH



1).Red Wire: Power+

2).Black Wire: Power-

3).Blue Wire: Motor+

4).Yellow Wire: Motor-


1).The input is divided into positive and negative poles, and the input voltage should be equal to the rated voltage of the motor.

2).The rated voltage of the motor is 12V,the input speed governor is 12V,the rated voltage of the motor is 36V,and the input speed governor voltage is 36V.


1pc Motor Governor

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Dimensions 20 × 8 × 5 cm

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