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PowMr 50A 12/24v Solar Charger Controller


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PowMr 50A 12/24v Solar Charger Controller with Dual USB Output (10005246)


  1. Automatic identification system voltage, 12/24V auto recognition.

  2. Humanized LCD displaying and double button operation of man-machine interface.

  3. Completed technical data for setup and modify.

  4. High efficiency intelligent 3-stage charging mode.

  5. The load control mode can be selected, the timer function can be reset for street light at night.

  6. Discharge capacity control.

  7. Discharge counter of ampere hour.

  8. Working storage function: record the total run time of system, record timers of error during running time, record times of full charged battery.

  9. Reliable over voltage protection, short circuit protection, over load protection, overcharge protection, over-discharge protection.

  10. Accurate temperature compensation, correcting the charging and discharging voltage automatically, improving the battery lifetime.

  11. Roundly reverse connected protection.

  12. Solar panels, battery, solar charge controller positive poles are all connected together, adopting negative MOSFET in series control circuit.


1. The function of controller is to protect voltage overshoot and overplay.

2. When the battery voltage is too low, the controller stops the output; after the solar panel is charged, the cell recovers to 12.6V.

3. 12.6V is the recovery discharge voltage.

4. The normal voltage of the controller is 10.7V to 13.7V. These two voltage fluctuations can be set manually.

If you have trouble in use, try adjusting the float voltage to 13.7V:

First, you need to press the MCU control button for about 3-4 seconds, and then there will be a management interface on the screen.

Second, you must press the add button on the screen until the voltage reaches 13.7V.

Finally, you need to press the MCU control button again, which will save the controller record data when the display does not flicker.

5.Only 30A Solar Controller does not show the charging current ,50A 70A  show the charging current !


Model Name


Charging Current


Rated Voltage:

12V 24V Auto

Float charge

13.7V/27.4V (adjustable)

Discharge stop

10.5-11V/21~22V (adjustable)

Discharge reconnect

12.7V/25.4V (adjustable)

Temperature Compensation


Empty Load Wastage


Loop Voltage Drop


Waterproof Grade



21 * 19.2 * 5.5cm


Package Contents:

1 * Solar Charge Controller

1 * User Manual

Additional information

Weight 1.4 kg

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