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Over-discharge Low Voltage Disconnect and Battery Charger Protection Board


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Over-discharge Low Voltage Disconnect  Board Battery Charger Protection 30A 6-48v  (10005418)

NOTE! supports low cut off voltages set between 10 and 11v, so it is not compatible with LiFePo4 type batteries. Only compatible with lead and Gel batteries

6-48V 30A

YX830 is a over-discharge protection display module. The load is automatically disconnected when the battery is under voltage, and is automatically connected when the battery is over voltage.

Suitable for 6V-48V batteries
Battery over-discharge protection
Charging protection
Support set parameters
Real-time display voltage
Automatic recovery function
Parameter power-off memory function
Load delayed power-off protection

Model: YX830
Control Voltage: 6V~60V
Voltage Accuracy: 0.1V
Control Current: 30A(MAX)
Scope of Application: Storage Batteries or Lithium Batteries
Work Temperature: -25℃~85℃
Work Humidity: 5%~95%RH
Size: 84*52.5*24mm

Button Setting:

How to use voltage setting one by one :
>In the normal state of setting values (i.e. when the digital tube is flashing)
S1 button plays the role of downward voltage adjustment (-minus voltage button) S 2 button plays the role of upward voltage adjustment (+ voltage button)
S1 load stop setting
➢ Under normal display voltage normal state, press S1 button to display current setting load stop voltage.
➢ Long press S1 key to stop the digital tube flashing, set the load stop voltage by S1 and S2 keys.
S2 load start setting
➢ Under normal display voltage normal state, press S2 key to display current setting load start voltage.
➢Long press S2 key to set the load start voltage by S1 and S2 keys when the digital tube flashes.
Restore the original setting
>Press S1 and S2 keys at the same time, the digital tube will display 888 and the original setting will be restored successfully.
Note: When the load stop voltage value cannot be adjusted upward, set the load start voltage value first.

Package Contents:
1pcs Over-discharge Protection Display Module


Additional information

Weight 0.05 kg
Dimensions 10 × 8 × 5 cm

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