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OBD Speed Lock Auto Door Close for Subaru Forester 2013-2015


Enhance safety and convenience with the OBD Speed Lock Auto Door Close for Subaru Forester 2013-2015. Automatically locks and closes doors at a certain speed.

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OBD Speed Lock Auto Door Close for Subaru Forester/XV/Outback 2013-2015 (10006704)


Production: speed lock + flashing light locking

After engine start, if the vehicle speed exceeds the 15km/h, doors lock automatically, speed lock device can automatically identify whether four doors are closed or not. avoid children opening the door or the thief robbing when you are waiting for the red light. unlocking

After engine off, automatically unlock 4 doors to facilitate the passengers to get off.

3.flashing light when open the door

When any one door is opened, lights will be flashing at the same time to remind the rear vehicles. unlocking and flashing light when emergently brakes

brakes emergently in 1.8 seconds when driving speed exceeds 60 yards or above, 4 doors can be automatically unlocked, in time for passengers to escape danger, and the light will flash, which can play a role as urgent reminder.

5.circular locking

If someone get off during the trip, when you hang “N” gear, 4 doors can be automatically unlocked, convenient for passengers to get off, after then hang “D” gear ,speed exceeds the 15km/h, the 4 doors will be automatically locked again.

6.flashing light when reversing the car

When hang “R” gear , left and right turn light flashing to improve safety.

Close Technical parameters
Operating voltage 11V-13V
Operating Current 6V
Quiescent Current 0.4mA
Protection Current 9.5A
Protection time 6s

Subaru Forester OBD Auto Door Locker.JPG3
Subaru Forester OBD Auto Door Locker.JPG3

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Weight 0.8 kg
Dimensions 20 × 11 × 6 cm

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