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Novsight N61T General Series H16 LED Headlight Kit – 60W 13000LM | Upgrade Your Vehicle’s Headlights


Upgrade your vehicle’s headlights with the Novsight N61T General Series H16 LED Headlight Kit for improved visibility on the road.

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1.With fan design, silent hydraulic oil fan technology, silent high speed, efficient heat dissipation, double heat dissipation (aluminum parts and fan), thermal cooling cycle system (the fan plays a key role in the life of the whole light, using the drone level custom fan small loss, large air volume, fast heat dissipation, long life).
2.High power, high brightness level MINI product size, built-in driver, installation adaptability is stronger, plug and play.
3.No delay, fast start-up.
4.The use of high thermal conductivity red copper substrate, excellent thermal conductivity, thermal conductivity is much higher than the market aluminum substrate, the same conditions, aluminum substrate than aluminum substrate thermal conductivity rate more than twice as fast, accelerate the speed of thermal conductivity, so that the temperature of the lamp beads rapid conduction, enhance the service life of the lamp beads (light source).
5.The full intelligent chip temperature control system, intelligent identification of the product temperature in real time, automatic adjustment of over-temperature current, greatly reducing the risk of product death lamp.
6.Perfect light shape cutting line, no scattered light.

*Wattage: 60W/pair
*Lumen value: 13000LM/pair
*Light source chip: with Automotive grade custom chip NOVSIGHT 5530
*Color temperature: 6500K
*Operating voltage: DC 9V-32V
*Protection level: IP68
*Material: 6063 aircraft alluminum
*Heat dissipation principle: high efficiency fan heat dissipation
*Working life: ≥100000 hours
*Working temperature: -40℃~+80℃

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