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Live Web based GPS Tracker OBD6F – Real-Time Vehicle Tracking and Monitoring


The Live Web based GPS Tracker OBD6F offers real-time vehicle tracking and monitoring, providing accurate location data and advanced features for enhanced security and efficiency.

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OBD6F GPS Live Web Based Tracker for Cars (No Contract – First Year Use on Tracking Platform FREE)

The Live Web based GPS Tracker OBD6F is a cutting-edge device that provides real-time tracking and monitoring of vehicles. With its web-based platform, users can easily access accurate location data, speed, and other important information. The OBD6F is compact and easy to install, simply plugging into the vehicle’s OBD-II port. It offers a range of advanced features including geofencing, tampering alerts, and historical route playback. The device is perfect for fleet management, car rental companies, and personal use, ensuring enhanced security, efficiency, and productivity.

OBD6F Car GPS Tracker

OBD6F Car GPS Tracker.JPG1

OBD6F Car GPS Tracker.JPG2

OBD6F Car GPS Tracker.JPG3

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