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iMars TX11-C bluetooth 5.0 + EDR Audio Transmitter


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iMars TX11-C bluetooth 5.0 + EDR Audio Transmitter Support 3.5mm AUX Coaxial USB Audio Input Interface (10003380)

Product Parameters:
Brand: iMars
bluetooth version: 5.0 + EDR
Working distance: About 8M
Power supply mode: USB DC5V
Audio input interface: 3.5mm AUX / Coaxial / USB

Product use:
TV coaxial use:
1. Plug the audio cable into the coaxial adapter at one end, then plug the adapter into the coaxial audio output port of
the TV, and plug the other end of the audio cable into the coaxial interface of the transmitter.
2. USB power supply: mobile phone charger / TV USB/Computer USB etc
3.Plug the TX11-C into the USB 5V charging port( Phone charger/Mobile power / TV USB / PC USB )
4. After the TX11-C is powered on, when the blue LED flashes, it indicates that the product startup is completed
and has entered the search pairing state.
5. Turn on the bluetooth audio/earphone and enter the pairable state, waiting for the TX11-C to automatically pair.
After the pairing is successful, the blue LED light is always on.5,set the audio output of the TV, different TV settings will be different.
Millet TV: Settings — Output Devices — SPIDF Led TV: Settings – Sound – Speakers External speakers Sharp TV: Settings –
Digital Audio Output – PCM16Samsung TV: Settings – Output Settings – External Speakers More TV settings are in the collection…
Computer use installation:
1. Insert TX11-C into the USB of the computer, LED red and blue flashing.
2. Turn on the bluetooth headset or bluetooth stereo, and enter the pairing status.
3. Wait for the TX11-C to automatically pair the bluetooth headset or stereo. During this process, the computer
does not need any operation (the computer does not recognize the transmitter when it is not paired, and the computer
automatically recognizes the transmitter after the pairing is completed).
4. When the TX11-C and bluetooth headset or audio pairing is successful, the red and blue LED will be always on.
5. If there is no sound after pairing, you need to set the computer default output device (as shown in Figure 2 WIN10).
TV AUX headphone use:
USB power supply: mobile phone charger / TV USB/Computer USB etc
 1. Plug the audio cable into the AUX audio port of the TX11-Cand plug the other end into the 3.5MM audio output
port of the TV/MP3/MP4.Plug the TX11-C into the USB interface (mobile charger / mobile Power / TV USB / computer USB, etc.)
 2.Turn off the phone’s bluetooth function (to prevent back connection)turn on the bluetooth speaker or headset, and
enter the pairable station
 3.Waiting for TX11-C to automatically search for a pairable receiving device, if Pairing is successful. The red LED of
TX11S is always on.
 4. set the audio output interface of the TV, usually: Settings–sound–output device–headphone

1.Different TVs may be set differently.
2.There are three input modes, only one can be used at the same time.
3.Priority: Aux / Coaxial / USB, when using USB / coaxial function, USB can only play the role of power supply

 –Why does the indicator light not respond when the power is turned on?
  A. Please confirm whether the device is fully inserted into the USB power port.
 B. Please confirm whether the USB power supply port is working properly
 C. If the installation is correct, USB power supply is normal, check if the TX11-C is loose
–Why is the device booting completed. But the pairing is not successful?
 A. Confirm whether the bluetooth headset or speaker is turned on and entered the pairing mode (please refer to the corresponding manual).
 B.TX11-C is too far from the bluetooth receiving device, it is recommended to be within1 meter.
 C. Check if the receiving device is connected back to the mobile phone or other device, and if so, please disconnect them
 D. Some bluetooth headsets require a pairing password. This device does not support password pairing.
— After the device is successfully paired, why is there no sound?
 A. Please confirm that the audio input line is installed correctly.
 B. Check if the audio output interface of the TV is set correctly.
 C. Please confirm whether the sound output device is turned on. The volume has been adjusted to a reasonable size.
 D. Re-plug the transmitter
–why is it normal on the computer, MP3, and there is no sound on the TV?
 A. Because the TV interface is more complicated, so please confirm whether the audio output port of the TV is used correctly.
 B. Refer to the TV manual, to know if the TV audio output port needs to be set up.

Package Contents:
1. Bluetooth audio transmitter
2. 3.5MM audio cable
3. Coaxial adapter
4. The manual


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