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Get Organized and Protected with the 10 Way Fuse Box with Blade Block Holder Kit


The 10 Way Fuse Box with Blade Block Holder Kit is the perfect solution for organizing and protecting your car’s electrical system. It offers 10 fuse slots and a blade block holder for easy access and secure storage.

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10 Way Fuse Box 12V 32V Circuit Standard Blade Block Holder Kit Car Caravan (10003381)

1.The feature of fuse: When circuit faults or abnormal, accompanied by rising current,, this condition may be damage some important or expensive component of the circuit or burn the circuit even cause fire. Fuse can protect electronic appliance from current damage as well as prevent electronic components from being damaged by internal faults. Each fuse has their rated specification, when the current exceeds rated specification it will cut off current automatically. If fuse is placed in the electronic correctly ,fuse will cut off current automatically when the current and temperature up to certain
rated that can protect circuit .
2.The function of indicator : while the red LED lights up which indicate the fuse has been disconnection, at this time you need to replace fuse timely.
3.This product adopts flame-retardant and environment friendly PBT material with high and low temperature resistance which completely meets
the requests that fuse should have great mechanical strength, insulation property, heat resistance and flame retardancy to prevent it from breakup, deformation, burning, short circuit and other phenomena in operation.
4.The design of10 ways allows this product to be connected with battery positive directly with a cable. Then fuse will separate 10 ports to connect different electric appliances easily and conveniently.
5.Having red LED indicator design which is corresponding to each electrical appliance connecting with each fuse piece. When fuse is broken ,the
red indicator will light up convenient to know which fuse damage and treat it timely.
6.Enclosed stickers are gifts for you to paste on the corresponding electrical appliance according to the names on stickers. Then when fuse is broken
and res LED lights, the troubled appliance will be recognized very soon for saving time and labor.
7.This product comes with double fuses which has multiple amperes for you to conveniently take place of broken fuse in operation with spare fuse of corresponding ampere.


Product material PBT body, PC waterproof and dustproof cover,  nickel-clad copper binding post, PPX40 sticker
Rated input voltage 32V
Rated input current 100A
Maximum output current 30A for each circuit
Specification of input wires #4-6 AWG
Specification of output wires #12-16 AWG
Color of indicator light Red
Application Car, off-road vehicle, touring car, bus, yacht, boat, etc.
Installation method Can be connected any circuit of electronic appliances on the car/ boat (such as hall light, headlight , wedge light ,fog light, warning light, car refrigerator, car charger, car fan, car TV,)
Size 10cm/3.94in x 8.5cm/3.5in x 3.5cm/ 1.38in (L x W x H )

1.We provide clear pictures ,measurement where possible. Please check as much as possible to make sure the item the one that you need.
2.The actual item maybe has slight color distinct with listing image due to different computer screens ,thanks for your understanding.
3.The size of item is manual measurement, please allow 0.5-1inch difference.(1inch=2.54cm).
4.Installation manual is not included. Professional Installation Is Highly Recommended.

Packing Contents: 
1 X Sticker
4 X Self-tapping Screws
8 X 20A Fuses
6 X 15A Fuses
4 X 10A Fuses
2 X 5A Fuses

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Weight 0.3 kg
Dimensions 15 × 10 × 5 cm

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