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DIY Electronic Doorbell Analog Circuit with NE555 DC 6V Kit – Build Your Own Doorbell Circuit


Build your own doorbell circuit with the DIY Electronic Doorbell Analog Circuit with NE555 DC 6V Kit. Easily customizable and educational for all skill levels.

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DIY Electronic Doorbell Analog Circuit with NE555 DC 6V Kit (10006443)


TJ-56-28 is a NE555 Doorbell Analog Circuit Electronic Soldering DIY Kit. It is an electronic doorbell control system. When the button is pressed, the horn makes
a sound ‘dingdong~~’

It is a very interesting DIY electronic product which enables users to understand the circuit more clearly and learn soldering skills.


circuit principle demonstration

and convenient operation

Hand Soldering


Name: TJ-56-28 NE555 Doorbell Analog Circuit DIY Kit

Voltage: DC 6V




4.Component Listing:

NO. Component
Parameter QTY
1 Metal Film Resistor R1 30Kohm 1
2 Metal Film Resistor R2,R3 22Kohm 2
3 Metal Film Resistor R4 47Kohm 1
4 1N4148 Diode D1,D2 DO-35 2
5 Electronic Capacitor C1 100uF 1
6 Electronic Capacitor C2 10uF 1
7 Ceramic Capacitor C3 0.033uF 333 1
8 NE555 U1 DIP-8 1
9 Black Button SW1 6*6mm 1
10 0.5W 8ohm Speaker LS1 1
11 Wire 10cm 1
12 AA*4 Battery Box BT1 1
13 PCB 41*19*1.6mm 1
Note: Users can complete the installation according
to the PCB silk screen and component list.

5.Installation Tips:

1>.User needs to prepare the welding tool at

1.1>.Soldering iron (<50 Watt)

1.2>.Rosin core (“radio”) solder

1.3>.Wire cutters

1.4>.Wire strippers

1.5>.Philips screwdriver

2>.Please be patient until the installation is

3>.The package is DIY kit.It need finish
install by user.

4>.The soldering iron can’t touch the components
for a long time(1.0 second), otherwise it will damage the components.

5>.Pay attention to the positive and negative
of the components.

6>.Strictly prohibit short circuit.

7>.Install complex components preferentially.

8>.Make sure all components are in right
direction and right place.

9>.It is strongly recommended to read the
installation manual before starting installation!!!

10>.Please wear anti-static gloves or
anti-static wristbands when installing electronic components.

Additional information

Weight 0.3 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 6 cm

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