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DIY Automatic Energy Saving Control System – Efficiently Reduce Energy Consumption at Home


The DIY Automatic Energy Saving Control System is a smart and easy-to-use solution for reducing energy consumption and lowering utility bills.

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DIY Automatic Energy Saving Control System Analog Circuit for Street Lamp with Photosensitive Sensor (10006457)


TJ-56-44 is a Automatic Energy-Saving Control System Electronic Soldering DIY Kit. It is a basic street lamp control system, which uses photosensitive sensors to control the light on and off. Sensitivity can also be adjusted by potentiometer. The lights are all on when the environment is dark; At midnight, half of the LED lights will go out to save energy.

It is a very interesting DIY electronic product which enables users to understand the circuit more clearly and learn soldering skills.


1>.LED lamp automatic control

2>.Simple and convenient operation

3>.DIY Hand Soldering


1>.Product Name:TJ-56-44 Automatic Energy-Saving Control System DIY Kit

2>.Work Voltage: DC 9V-12V

3>.Work Temperature:-40℃~85℃

4>.Work Humidity:5%~95%RH



4.Component Listing:

NO. Component Name PCB Marker Parameter QTY
1 0805 SMD Resistor R1-R5 2Kohm 202 5
2 Potentiometer RP1,RP2 50Kohm 503 2
3 GL5516 Photoresistor RG 1
4 Red LED D1-D11 5mm 11
5 Electronic Capacitor C1 470uF 1
6 Electronic Capacitor C2 2200uF 1
7 Electronic Capacitor C4,C5 10uF 2
8 0805 SMD Capacitor C3 0.01uF 103 1
9 S9013 Transistor J3 Q1 SOT-23 1
10 S9012 Transistor 2T1 Q2 SOT-23 1
11 CD4011 U1 SOP-16 1
12 NE555 U2 SOP-8 1
13 Relay K1,K2 12V 2
14 Power Wire J1 10cm 1
15 Male Pin J1 2Pin 1
16 PCB 85*56*1.6mm 1
Note: Users can complete the installation according to the PCB silk screen and component list.


5.Installation Tips:

1>.User needs to prepare the welding tool at first.

1.1>.Soldering iron (<50 Watt)

1.2>.Rosin core (“radio”) solder

1.3>.Wire cutters

1.4>.Wire strippers

1.5>.Philips screwdriver

2>.Please be patient until the installation is complete.

3>.The package is DIY kit. It need finish install by user.

4>.The soldering iron can’t touch the components for a long time(1.0 second), otherwise it will damage the components.

5>.Pay attention to the positive and negative of the components.

6>.Strictly prohibit short circuit.

7>.User must install the LED according to the specified rules. Otherwise some LED will not light.

8>.Install complex components preferentially.

9>.Make sure all components are in right direction and right place.

10>.It is strongly recommended to read the installation manual before starting installation!!!

11>.Please wear anti-static gloves or anti-static wristbands when installing electronic components.


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