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Din Rail Over Voltage Current and Under Voltage KWH Protector Relay – Protection for Electrical Systems


The Din Rail Over Voltage Current and Under Voltage KWH Protector Relay is a dependable device that protects electrical equipment from overvoltage, overcurrent, and undervoltage incidents.

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Din Rail Dual Display Adjustable Over Voltage Current and Under Voltage Protective Device Protector Relay 63A 230V with kwh Display (10006338)

The Din Rail Over Voltage Current and Under Voltage KWH Protector Relay is a reliable and efficient protection device designed for electrical systems. It safeguards equipment from damage caused by overvoltage, overcurrent, and undervoltage incidents. With its advanced technology, it automatically detects abnormal voltage and current levels and disconnects the circuit to prevent any potential harm. This relay is easy to install and suitable for various industrial and commercial applications. It offers peace of mind by ensuring the longevity and smooth operation of electrical equipment.

1.Over-voltage protection
2.Under-voltage protection
3.Over-current protection
4.Automatic recovery
5.Voltage display(voltage measurement)
6.Current display (current measurement)
7. Voltage calibration: Voltage +-10% adjustable. A13
8. Restore factory settings: press the down button for more than 12s
9.Fault inquiry: Press the UP button from more than 12S
Product Parameters:
1.Model number:TOVPD1-60-EC
2.Power supply:230VAC 50/60Hz
3.Max.Loading power:1~63A  Adjustable(default:63A)
4.Over-voltage protection value range:230V~300~OFF(default:270V)
  Over-voltage recovery voltage range:225V–295V(default:250V)
   Over-voltage protection action time:0.1s~30s(default value:0.5s)
Over-voltage recovery delay time:1s~500s(default:30s)
5.Under-voltage protection value range:140V–210V –OFF(default:170V)
  Under-voltage recovery voltage range:145V–215V (default:190V)
   Under-voltage protection action time:0.1s~30s(default:0.5s)
   Under-voltage recovery delay time:1s~500s(default:30s)
6.Over-current adjustment range:1-40A (default:20A) 1-63A (default:40A)
   Over-current action range:0.1~30 second (default:0.5s)
Over-current recovery delay time:1s~500s(default:30s)
7.Power-on delay time:1s~500s(default:10s)
9.Power consumption : <2W
10.Electric machinery life : 100,000 times
11.Installation:35mm DIN rail


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Weight 0.3 kg
Dimensions 10 × 6 × 6 cm

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