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Buy DC-DC Buck Converter Step Down Power Supply Module 7-32V to 0.8-28V 12A – Efficient and Reliable Power Solution


The DC-DC Buck Converter is a versatile module that efficiently converts input voltages from 7V to 32V into a desired output voltage between 0.8V and 28V, with a maximum output current of 12A. It is compact, reliable, and suitable for various applications.

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DC-DC CC CV Buck Converter Board Step Down Power Supply Module 7-32V to 0.8-28V 12A (10004062)

– Fixed turn lamp current is 0.1 times the current value ( Used to identify whether the battery is fully charged When charging).
– Made from a dedicated benchmark IC and high-precision current sensing resistor, proving a more stable constant current, (when 20°C to 100°C constant current 1A, temperature drift less than 1%). Particularly suitable for LED.
– High output current, the max output current can reach 8A.
– Four high frequency capacitance, can lower output ripple, enhance the work stabilization.
– Double heat sink design. MOS schottky diode independent heat sink, which heat dissipation is good, and won’t affect each other.
– Using large size Sendust Core and double pure copper wiring, improve working efficiency, reduce fever.
– 3296 multiturn potentiometer, high accuracy voltage and current regulation, good stability.
– Double color lamp, working condition be clear at a glance
– Voltage and current are adjustable, which effect is good.
– Module Properties: Non-isolated step-down constant current, constant voltage module (CC CV) charging module
– Input Voltage: DC 7-32V
– Output Voltage: (1) DC 1.2-28V continuously adjustable. (2) Fixed output: Choose between 0.8v-28v
– Output Current: 8A (when power tube’s temperature exceeds 65 degrees, please add cooling fan)
– Constant Current Range: 0.2-8A (Adjustable)
– Turn Lamp Current: Constant current value * (0.1), turn the lamp current and constant value linkage, such as constant current value is 3A, turn the lamp current is set to a constant current is 0.1 times (0.1 * 3A = 0.3A)
– Lowest Pressure: 1V
– Output Power: Maximum power is about 200W
– Conversion Efficiency: Up to about 95%
– Operating Frequency: 300KHZ
– Output Ripple: 20M bandwidth
– Input 24V output 12V 5A ripple around 50mV (Excluding noise)
– Output Short Circuit Protection: Yes, constant current
– Input Reverse Polarity Protection: None
– Output Prevent Backflow: None
– Wiring: Terminal
– No-Load Current: Typical 20mA (24V switch 12V)
– Load Regulation: ± 1% (Constant)
– Voltage Regulation: ± 1%
– Dynamic Response Speed: 5% 200uS
– Potentiometer Adjustment Direction: clockwise (increase) , counterclockwise (decrease), the potentiometer(CV) closed to the input voltage is used to regulate voltage, the potentiometer(CC) closed to output voltage is used to regulate current (CC)
– Operating Temperature: Industrial grade (-40 °C to +85 °C) (please note the actual use of the power tube temperature , high temperature heat strengthened)
– Indicator: dual color indicator, charging indicator light is red, the green light means fully charged (No load is green)
– Size: Approx. 65 x 47 x 23.5mm/2.56 x 1.85 x 0.93”
– Precision of Constant Current and Temperature: On the actual test, the module temperature from 25 degrees to 60 degrees, the constant current value change is less than 5% (5A constant current value)
– Output Short Circuit Protection: Yes, Constant current (the current setting constant current value)
– Input Reverse Connect Protection: NO
– Output Prevent Reverse Flow: NO
– Wiring Method: Amphenol connector
High-power LED driver
Lithium battery (or lead accumulator) charge
Vehicle-mounted power supply
Low voltage system power supply
6V, 12V, 14V, 24V battery charge
On-board laptop power supply
Regulated power supply
Low voltage power supply system
Package Contents:
1 x DC-DC Adjustable Power Supply Module

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