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DC 8v to 100v Battery Volt/Capacity/Power Meter


Monitor battery performance with the DC 8v to 100v Battery Volt/Capacity/Power Meter. Measure voltage, capacity, and power for optimal usage.

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DC Battery Voltmeter DC 8V-100V, Capacity Indicator, Power Meter for Lithium/LiFePO4/lead-acid Batteries 12V/24V/48V (10005660)

The DC 8v to 100v Battery Volt/Capacity/Power Meter is a versatile device that accurately measures the voltage, capacity, and power of batteries. It is ideal for monitoring battery performance and ensuring optimal usage.


Voltage measurement range: DC8V-100V

Working current: <15MA

Display mode: LCD

Screen display color: color screen

Measurement accuracy: 1% ± 1 word

Measurement speed: about twice per second

Working temperature: -10—+70°C

Working humidity: 10-80%

Working pressure: 80-106Kpa

Sun exposure: no direct exposure

Installation size: 58mm*28mm

Dimensions: 61mm*33mm*15mm (length*width*height)



2 in 1 function: measure and display battery capacity and voltage.

Dual display: capacity and voltage can be displayed at the same time, clear and easy to read.

LCD Display: Large LCD screen with backlight for easy reading.

Wide Operating Voltage Range: This battery monitor can withstand a wide operating voltage range from capacity, voltage to voltage (DC 7-68V)

Suitable battery type: The battery detector is suitable for lithium batteries, lead acid batteries.

Premium Quality: Made of high quality ABS material, durable.

Easy to install: Easy and quick to install.

Safe to use: Simple connection with reverse protection

Set mode selection parameters
-Mode description one
Press and hold the upper right button for 2 seconds on the main page to enter the mode setting page, and then press and hold the upper right button for 2 seconds to exit the setting page and return to the main page.
Mode 1–Lead acid P setting;
Mode 2–Lithium Ternary L setting;
Mode 3–Lithium iron F setting;
Mode 4—custom high and low voltage setting: customize low voltage and saturation voltage, the
Display 00.0 000, the left number is the low voltage parameter, the right
The number on the left is the low voltage parameter, and the number on the right is the saturation voltage parameter;

Package list:

Line + Voltmeter


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Weight 0.3 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 3 cm

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