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DC 12V Waterproof Rocker Circuit Breakers


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DC 12V Waterproof Rocker Circuit Breakers Button Toggle Switch Panel For Car RV Marine Boat (10003462)


1.DC 12V input voltage, can be used for small car, off-road, SUV, yachts, boats and other means of transport.
2.With overload, short circuit and undervoltage protection, can protect the use of lines and power security
3.Products are waterproof design, to prevent water and dust into the switch, the corrosion caused by the switch, longer life.
4.LED lights design, lighting conditions in the bad boat, you can quickly find the switch, very convenient
5.There are commonly used distribution of the name of the stickers, when the circuit breaker connected to the load, you can paste the corresponding protective cover on the load name.
6.ABS / PC anti-flame resistant high and low temperature environmentally friendly materials, lower environmental requirements, to adapt to the environment stronger, the use of very wide
7 In the factory, there’s link line, leaving only positive and negative, after receipt of goods as long as the positive and negative can be connected,
and greatly reduce the installation difficulties
8.Available control headlamps, work lights, car refrigerator, car vacuum cleaners and other equipment, a wide range of applications


Product Size: 13x5x7cm
Hole size: 9.1×2.9cm
Product Material: ABS / PC anti-flame resistant high and low temperature environmentally friendly materials
Light color: red
Input voltage: DC12V
Working temperature: -25 ℃ -80 ℃
Number of switches: 4 digits
Protection class: IP66
Single switch maximum withstand current: 16A

Package Contents:
1 X Power Switch Circuit Breaker

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