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CX4500 Microcomputer Spot Welding Machine


The CX4500 Microcomputer Spot Welding Machine is a versatile and efficient welding solution with precise control and advanced safety features.

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CX4500 Microcomputer Spot Welding Machine with 20ms-1s Time Adjustable, 640-1600A Current for 0.25mm Nickel-clad Steel Plates (10005236)

This microcomputer intermediate frequency spot welding machine is designed according to the general maintenance of the general conventional steel-shell lithium battery industry and the special needs of on-site production. Uses the latest microcomputer control board to control the current and discharge time accurately. The performance is more stable and more reliable. It can be used to welding nickel-clad steel plate within 0.25mm, pure nickel sheet within 0.15mm. You can have a try.

Adopts latest microcomputer control board to control the current and discharge time accurately. 
Made of quality material, with high hardness, fine wear resistance, anti-broken and practical.
Equipped with multiple functions, prefect for welding battery.
Welding needles detachable design, comes with 4 needles, you can detach and change it easily.
Easy to rotate the rotation knob to adjust time and current percentage, 40-100% current adjustable, 0-100% time adjustable(640-1600A current, 20ms-1s time.)
The power line and the foot switch line are adopt screw free quick connection terminal, more convenient and reliable.
Welding object: it can be used to welding nickel-clad steel plate within 0.25mm, pure nickel sheet within 0.15mm.

The spot welding machine cannot weld copper and aluminum materials. 
Don’t press too hard when welding, the harder you are, the weaker the welding will be, just moderate strength.
Do not use the battery for the first welding attempt. You can find a clean, non-destructive and distortion-free iron plate or steel plate, and put the nickel sheet on the iron plate, the current is 80 to 100, and the time is 0, you can test the machine!

Using steps:
Firstly, check the electrode and welding-needle of the machine, and the two electrodes can not contact each other. (if contact accidentally, don’t worry, it will not damage the machine)
Secondly, turn on the power switch, the power light will light up, and the machine will be entered into standby state, standby power consumption is 2W.
Then, after entering the power-on state, adjust the current and time parameters according to the thickness of the weldment. The current is generally adjust to 80-100, and time is generally adjust to 0-10.
The power situation is different in different regions, and the actual operation is generally adjusted from low to high, and welding firmly!
Finally, place the nickel sheet flat against the battery, press the two soldering pens on the nickel sheet, adjust the current and time, step on the foot pedal and the work light flashes to complete the welding!

Parameter analysis:
Current: refers to the size of the welding output power, the value is converted, the minimum output.
Time: refers to the length of the energization time during the welding process, numerical simulation, the longer the energization time.

Name: Spot Welding Machine Set
Material: metal
Model: CX4500
Plug: USA, E-U (optional)
Input voltage: AC100V/AC220V 
Current adjusting-range: 640A-1600A
Time adjusting-range: 20ms-1s
Maximum power: 6.7KW
Maximum output voltage: 4.5V
Maximum output current: 1600A
Item size: 195 * 155 * 156mm 
Item weight: 5111g 
Package size: 250 * 210 * 255mm

Packing List:
1 * Spot Welding Machine
1 * Pair of Welding Pen
1 * Pedal
1 * Battery Jig
1 * Nickel Sheet
4 * Welding Needles

Additional information

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 30 × 20 × 20 cm

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