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Autool SPT360 Car Spark Plug Tester with 5 Adjustable Testing Holes


Test your car’s spark plugs with the Autool SPT360 Spark Plug Tester, featuring 5 adjustable testing holes for accurate results.

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Autool SPT360 Car Spark Plug Tester with 5 Adjustable Testing Holes (10005707)

The Autool SPT360 Car Spark Plug Tester is a handy tool for testing spark plugs in your vehicle. It features 5 adjustable testing holes for accurate readings.


The Autool SPT360 Spark Plug Tester is a professional device that can safely and quickly determine the performance and condition of spark plugs. This high-frequency tester replaces the traditional onboard spark tests and conducts safe, practical and accurate tests in seconds.

  • Advanced Testing – The Autool SPT360 is expertly designed with 5 testing holes for comparative testing. This allows technicians to conduct a thorough comparison and observe the precise working condition of the spark plug. The powerful tester has a frequency of up to 9000 RPM, and can simulate the operating conditions of an engine for a more accurate diagnosis.
  • Smart, Modern Design – The new Autool SPT360 features an LCD display screen and frequency adjustment buttons for better control and accurate testing. During testing, the screen visibly displays the working frequency which technicians can observe when making adjustments.
  • Wide Frequency Range – The Autool SPT360 has a test frequency of up to 9000 RPM and is compatible with spark plug tests for all crankshaft engines and motorcycles on the market. This extensive operating frequency range allows for a higher spark plug intensity.
  • Easy to Operate – With a simple plug-and-play design, technicians can test multiple spark plugs with minimum effort and maximum accuracy. The frequency is also digitally displayed and adjustable with the click of a button.


  • Plug-and-play design
  • Multi-hole comparative testing
  • LCD display
  • Smart spark plug performance test
  • Standard comparative test
  • Analogue engine working
  • Wide operating frequency: 200~9000RPM
  • Adjustable frequency


Item Type Car Spark Plug Tester
Brand Autool
Model Number SPT360
Voltage 110V
Working Frequency Range 200-9000RPM
Relative Humidity <85%
Ambient temperature 0°C~+45°C
Color Black and Yellow
Unit Dimensions 19.2×11.5×5.3cm
Weight 1.1kg

Package Contents

  • 1x Autool SPT360 car spark plug
  • 1x Power changer
  • 1x User manual

Additional information

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 20 × 15 × 10 cm

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