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Autool SDT106 EVAP Smoke Leak Detector


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Autool SDT106 EVAP Smoke Leak Detector | Built-In Air Pump | Temperature Protector (10005709)


The Autool SDT106 is a professional smoke leak detector that quickly, accurately and safely locates leaks in automotive pipe systems, such as the intake system, exhaust system and fuel tank system. 

  • Advanced Technology – The machine is equipped with a powerful built-in air pump that can produce large quantities of smoke in seconds without external assistance. A special EVAP connector is included for the EVAP system. 
  • Wide Compatibility – This Autool SDT106 is compatible with all car models and other vehicle types such as motorcycles, boats, snowmobiles, ATVs, off-road vehicles and small trucks. 
  • Safe and Easy to Use – The Autool SDT106 quickly identifies a leak point in a pipe system by blowing smoke into the system. If the temperature of the machine exceeds 70°C or drops lower than -20°C, the intelligent Overheat and Anti-frost Protector will automatically shut down the machine. 


  • Intake System Leak Test
  • Exhaust System Test
  • Fuel System Test
  • Car Sealing Test
  • EVAP support
  • Built-in air pump for instant smoke generation
  • Overheat & Anti-frost Protector
  • Easy operation, one-switch leak test 
  • Wide compatibility 
  • Convenient hanging hook


How to operate?

  1. Using a measuring bottle with a pointed tip, add the test oil (baby oil or industrial glycerin) up to no more than 20 ml. 
  2. Open the engine bonnet and hang the leak detector under the cover.
  3. Disconnect the pipe that needs to be tested. If the pipe needs to be disconnected in the middle, secure the other side with a rubber stopple. 
  4. Connect the end of the pipe with the smoke output tube.
  5. Connect the leak detector with a DC12V battery: red with positive, black with negative. 
  6. Turn on the power switch and wait for a few seconds for the machine to begin the test. 
  7. In about 30 seconds, the pipe will be filled with smoke.
  8. Find and repair the leak point. 


Item TypeSmoke Leak Detector
Brand Autool
Model Number SDT106
Voltage12V (DC)
Output Pressure 9-11psi
Output Smoke Value6 L/min
Air Pressure Output Built-in air pump
Color Yellow 
Unit Dimensions 11×13.5x21cm
Weight 4kg


Package Includes

  • 1x Autool SDT106 Car Smoke Leak Detector Main Unit
  • 1x Hook (with hand-tighten nuts)
  • 1x Rubber connect parts
  • 1x Hard rubber hose plug (with serial specification)
  • 1x Standard cone adapter 
  • 1x Power cord clamp
  • 1x Valve core wrench
  • 1x Test oil refill bottle(oil not included)
  • 1x EVAP special connector
  • 1x Smoke hose
  • 1x User manual

Additional information

Weight5 kg
Dimensions15 × 10 × 5 cm

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