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75pcs 221 Electrical Quick Wire Block Connectors


The 75pcs 221 Electrical Quick Wire Block Connectors are a reliable solution for electrical connections with a quick wire insertion design. Suitable for various applications and accommodating multiple wire sizes.

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Only 2 left in stock


75pcs 2/3/5Pin 221 Electrical Quick Wire Block Connectors (10005445)

Product features: 
Wring method and cross section:
Solid Wires Size (BV,BVR) 0.14-4mm^2 28-12AWG
Fine-stranded Wires(RV(>30)) 0.08-4.0mm^2
Strip length:  9-10mm
Wire Cross section: 0.08 – 2.5mm2 (single hard wire); 0.08 ~ 4mm2 (multi soft wire)
Color: Grey+Orange
Rated Current: 32A
Rated Voltage: 250V
Rated Impulse Voltage : 4KV
Rated power 8KW
Package Contents: 
2 port (35pcs)
3 port (25pcs)
5 port (15pcs)
Wires will not come loose when plug the wire in the connector. Lincoiah lever wire connectors has a strong pulling force. Made of the best high quality PC insulating material, LINCOIAH lever wire connectors housing has some advantages of corrosion resistance, high-temperature resistance and aging resistance. These lever wire connectors are safer than traditional wire nuts or traditional methods for connecting wires. LINCOIAH lever wire connectors adopt special and scientific design, which will save space effectively.
There is a test hole at the back of the lever wire connectors and the hole are designed to check whether the wires have electricity or not. All kinds of standard test probes can be used to check the lever wire connectors. What’s more, lever wire connectors features a transparent and high quality cover, which can make you check the wire length, complete wire insertion through its transparent cover. It is convenient to confirm whether the wires plug the jack or not.
Open the housing of wire to 0.35-0.47 inches.
Push the orange lever to 90°and plug the wires.
Plug the wires and press the lever down.
LINCOIAH lever wire connectors
Don’t need any tools to connect wires, just using your hands. It is easy to use and safe. Push the orange levers to 90°and plug the wires and put the clip back.

Additional information

Weight 0.6 kg
Dimensions 15 × 10 × 3 cm

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