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High-Quality 50Amp Lithium Battery Tester and Coulomb Meter Monitor – Accurate Voltage, Current, and Charge Measurement


The 50Amp Lithium Battery Tester and Coulomb Meter Monitor accurately measures voltage, current, and charge capacity. It features a built-in coulomb meter and is compatible with various lithium batteries.

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50Amp Lithium Battery Tester and Coulomb Meter Monitor, Capacity and Power display  for lead-acid, Lifepo4, Li-ion 12V/24V/36V/48V/60V DC (10006435)

The 50Amp Lithium Battery Tester and Coulomb Meter Monitor is a versatile and essential tool for monitoring and testing lithium batteries. With a maximum current capacity of 50 amps, it accurately measures the battery’s voltage, current, and charge capacity. The built-in coulomb meter allows users to monitor the battery’s energy consumption in real-time, ensuring optimal performance and longevity. Its compact and portable design makes it convenient for both professional and personal use. The LCD display provides clear and easy-to-read data, while the user-friendly interface allows for quick and effortless operation. This battery tester and coulomb meter monitor is compatible with various types of lithium batteries and is a must-have for anyone working with lithium batteries or seeking to optimize their battery usage.

TY23 new version of electric vehicle coulomb meter lithium battery display coulomb meter voltmeter ammeter Lifepo4 lead-acid Li-ion lithium capacity power display 12V 24V 36V 48V 60V W Shunt

Package and list.

1X power display meter

1 X sampler

1X 0.5M Shield CABLE



1.Manual switch settings of parameters: display capacity/voltage/percentage/current

2.Working voltage 8-120V universal lead-acid battery/lithium ternary battery/lithium iron phosphate battery, etc

3. Low power consumption coulometer

4. It can measure quickly and accurately


–Display mode: LCD with backlight

–Capacity range: 0.1-999.9AH

–Standby power consumption:<0.5MA

–Support voltage: 8~120V

–Product size: 64 * 34MM

–Backlight color: yellow

–Suitable batteries: iron phosphate, lead-acid battery, ternary carp battery, polymer carp battery, nickel-hydrogen battery, etc

Working current: 50A (0-75A),


Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 6 cm

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