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32700 3.2V 5000mAh LiFePO4 Battery – High-performance Rechargeable Battery for Various Applications


The 32700 3.2V 5000mAh LiFePO4 Battery is a high-performance rechargeable battery with a capacity of 5000mAh, providing long-lasting power for various applications. Made with LiFePO4 technology, it ensures exceptional performance, safety, and environmental friendliness.

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32700 3.2V 17.6wh 5000mAh LiFePO4 Battery (10006185)

The 32700 3.2V 5000mAh LiFePO4 Battery is a high-quality rechargeable battery designed for various applications. With a voltage of 3.2V and a capacity of 5000mAh, it provides long-lasting power for your devices. Made with Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) technology, this battery offers exceptional performance, high energy density, and enhanced safety. It has a long cycle life, allowing for multiple recharges before replacement. The 32700 size is compact and lightweight, making it convenient for portable devices. This LiFePO4 battery is environmentally friendly, free from toxic metals like lead or mercury. It is an ideal choice for solar power systems, electric vehicles, power tools, and other applications that require reliable and efficient energy storage.


Voltage: 3.2V (limit voltage: 2.0-3.65V)

Capacity: Max 5000mah

Cycle times: about 2000 times

Size: 32*70mm

Max discharge current: 5C

Discharge current: 3C


Safe lithium battery

Good storage characteristics

Good high temp performance

Long cycle life up to 2000 cycles

High capacity & light weight

No memory effect

Package Contents:

1x 32700 LiFePo4 Battery

Additional information

Weight 0.14 kg
Dimensions 8 × 4 × 4 cm

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