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300W 3 Blades 24V Wind Turbine with Charge Controller

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Efficient 300W 24v wind turbine with 3 blades and charge controller for off-grid power generation.

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300W 3 Blades 24V Wind Turbine with Charge Controller for Home Use and Monitoring with Low Noise (10006833)

The 300W 24v 3 Blades Wind Turbine is designed to efficiently generate power from wind energy, perfect for off-grid applications. It comes with a charge controller to regulate the charging process.

1. Simple structure, running stably, power supply for city lamp, monitoring and home.

2. Small size and flexibility, beautiful curve, low noise and environmental harmony.

3. Anti-Rust, Anti-Corruption Damp-Proof, Water-Proof, Stand-Proof.

4. Brand New in box

5. CE Certificate

6. ISO9001: 2000 Quality Certification

7. Large power, low volume, high efficiency

8. Nylon fiber or FRP blades, high efficiency of anti-wind ability, moves mutely and steadily

9. Blades with the ability of automatically stall protection under strong wind

Detail of wind controller

Waterproof Charge Controller of Wind Generator User Manual

1.Safety Instructions


1.1 Please make sure the output voltage of wind generator is consistent with rated battery voltage.

1.2 Please connect the cables of plus-n-minus of battery firstly and then connect the three cables of wind generator.

1.3 Please make sure you connect battery and wind generator with controller according to this instruction, opposite polarity or wrong position connection will result in abnormal operation of system or damage of system components.

1.4 When operating hand braking, please make the smaller red cable and battery anode in short circuit, then controller will brake. Disconnect the smaller red cable, hand braking function will be cancel.

2. Wiring

2.1 Connect the “+” and “-“of battery with battery plus-n-minus input terminals of controller.

2.2 Connect the three cables of wind generator with three voltage input terminals of wind generator of controller.



3.1 When battery light (green) is on, it indicates battery connection is normal.

3.2 When wind generator light (green) is flashing, it indicates wind generator connection is normal and it shows the rotation speed of wind generator by twinkle speed.

3.3 When brake light (red) is on, it indicates controller is braking automatically due to battery full charged or over-current protection function operation of controller.

Additional information

Weight 10.0 kg
Dimensions 72 × 26 × 25 cm

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