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220V Portable Powder Coating Spray Gun


The 220V Portable Powder Coating Spray Gun provides efficient and precise powder coating application on various surfaces. It offers adjustable settings and a durable powder cup for easy color changes.

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220V Portable Powder Coating Spray Gun (10006353)

It’s used for spray molding of various metal parts, and the component can achieve the desired aesthetics and durability. Forming the sprayed surface prevents multiple corrosive chemicals and ultraviolet radiation. Its solid content is more than ten times higher that of liquid spray. In the production process, no organic solvents and toxic volatile substances are added or generated, environment- friendly. Ideal high-quality coatings for many automotive, marine, home, and garden applications.



【EXCELLENT QUALITY】- Powder Coating Machine adopts high-quality material; it has the advantages of rust prevention, corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, etc.

【PRECISE MEASUREMENT】- Adjustable pressure regulator accurately measures the powder on the components, reducing the spraying effect’s impact.

【EXCELLENT PERFORMANCE】- The powder coating gun will form a better atomization effect, the more uniform spray, and create a smooth and tight coating.

【EASY TO TRANSPORT】 – The portable small powder spray gun is easy to move, suitable for various working environments, no limit for the distance, saving time and effort.

【WIDELY USED】- This powder coating system is ideal for any car repair shop or car enthusiast. Apply even paint the car, truck, and aircraft parts for easy cleaning.


* Product name: Powder Coating System

* color: yellow

* Mains voltage: 220 V, 50 Hz

* Outlet Pressure: 25N/S

* Power: 3.3W

* Power cord: 16AWG

* Air Inlet: 1/4 inch NPT thread

* Air Supply Required: 10-15 PSI, dry air 5CFM

* AMPS: 0.03A

* Pressure ratio: 6/8

Please keep the workplace & the equipment must be dry to avoid the high-voltage static electricity.

Do not pull out the grounding plug, ensuring the machine must be safely grounded.

Be sure to isolate all ignition sources to prevent plastic powder from falling into, and eliminate the potential for explosion.

Do not use a vacuum cleaner to remove plastic powder on the ground, and please wear a dust cover to protect personal safety.

Additional information

Weight 2.5 kg
Dimensions 40 × 40 × 20 cm

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