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10A 1S 3.2V Lithium Battery Protection Board


Looking to keep your Li-ion cells safe and sound? Look no further than the 10A 1S 3.2V Lithium Battery Protection Board!

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10A 1S 3.2V Lithium Battery Protection Board for Li-ion cells – (10003278)

With the 10A 1S 3.2V Protection Board, you can supercharge your Li-ion cells and take your devices to the next level. This board is capable of handling up to 10A of current, ensuring that your batteries can deliver the power you need for your most demanding applications. Whether you’re building a high-performance flashlight, a portable power bank, or a DIY electric vehicle, this protection board will keep your batteries running smoothly and safely.

Over-discharge protection current: 16A
Overcharge protection current: 16A
Over-discharge protection delay: 50-200mS
Temperature protection: none
Wire break protection: Yes
Short circuit protection: Yes
Short circuit protection recovery mode: disconnect the load release
Split discharge current: none
Same port discharge current: 10A
Charging current: 10A
Package Contents:
1 x 10A1S Lithium Battery Protection Board

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Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 8 × 1 × 1 cm

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