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100V 100A Coulometer Precision Battery Capacity Tester


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100V 100A TK15H Professional Coulometer Precision Battery Capacity Tester for Lithium Batteries (10005473)


TK15H is a kind of high precision current type battery capacity tester (also known as coulometer),which can test the voltage, current and capacity of battery to help users know the state of battery in time. TK15H has memory function. It is suitable for mobile and portable equipment.


TK15H is suitable for lithium battery, lithium iron phosphate battery, lead-acid battery and nickel-metal hydride battery, which working voltage is from 8V to 100V.


  • Type: Battery tester
  • Model: TK15H
  • Operating voltage range: DC8-100V
  • Current: 100A
  • Overall Size: 66x40x10mm
  • Display area size: 32x23mm
  • External normal Sampler Size:23x18x5mm

Technical Parameters:

  • Working power consumption: 8.0mA (Max:10.0mA)
  • Standby power consumption: 0.5mA (Max:0.8mA)
  • Sleep power consumption: 50uA (Max:60uA)
  • Voltage acquisition accuracy: +/-1.0%
  • Current acquisition accuracy: +/-1.0%
  • Using ambient temperature rang: 0-35C
  • Backlight on current: 40mA (Max:50mA)
  • Backlight off current: 30mA (Max: 40mA)
  • Battery capacity setting value: 0.-590A
  • External normal sampler working current: 30.0A (Max:50A)
  • External big sampler working current: 50.0A (Max:100A)

Attention: The min voltage of the battery pack should higher than the min working voltage of the coulometer.


  • 1.The empty and full voltage of battery can be adjusted
  • 2.The backlight automatic open when using
  • 3.Automatic memory function when power down
  • 4.Fast response rate
  • 5.Low power consumption, automatic wake-up


  • 1.Residual capacity of battery (Ah or mAh)
  • 2.Capacity percentage and totem pole display
  • 3.Battery voltage
  • 4.Battery current
  • 5.Powe output
  • 6.Remaining time of charge and discharge

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