SUNKKO 737G 220V Lithium Battery Spot Welder – Powerful and Efficient Welding Tool


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Product Description

SUNKKO 737G 220V Battery Spot Welder Welding Machine with Pulse & Current Display (10003606)

SUNKKO 737G Battery Spot Welding Hand Held Welding Machine with Pulse & Current Display
Great item for most small battery packs welding. Dual modes intelligent frequency conversion pulse spot welder.


Color: Black
Voltage input: AC 220V±10V, 50Hz
Primary current: 2A-15A
Welding current: 50A-800A
Welding pressure: 200g-700g
1 Pulse: 0.05-0.12mm
2 Pulse: 0.12-0.2mm
Size: 140x245x200mm
Package Size: 215x370x310mm
Net weight: 4.3kg
Gross weight: 5.5kg


* Dual modes
* Current setting
* Pressure setting
* Pulse selecting
* LED light
* Double current display
* Foot switch to calibration
Notices for using SUNKKO spot welding machine 
1.In order to obtain good weld effect, please don’t use the active socket,
  and should be used the wall socket to ensure stable power supply.
2.Because of the instant welding large current, rated current of tripping
  device of the leakage protection switch should be up to 40-63A.Lower
  than 40A will cause tripping.
3.Please set the pressure adjuster to the right parameter to avoid
  welding effect in not good.
4.Please keep the surface of welding pins clean and wipe off oxide with
  sand paper.
5.Please keep the welding pin in sharp shape.
6.Please do not worry about the lighting in flash. Spot welder is a high
  power machine and discharging high current instantaneously.
  Because this moment is in 20ms and it is normal.
Package Contents:
1 x 737G machine
1 x Manual
1 x Hex wrench
2 x Fuse tube
4 x Welding needle
1 x Foot pedal control
1 x Battery holder
60 x Nickel sample
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