NovSight A500-N50 70W Car LED Headlights Bulbs 15000LM 6500K – H4


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Product Description

NovSight A500-N50 70W Car LED Headlights Bulbs 15000LM 6500K – H4 (10004693)


  1. 35W/bulb with high power and high brightness, reaching 7500LM/bulb;
  2. With fan design, use hydraulic fan, 12000RPM speed, super fan air volume, extremely fast heat dissipation;
  3. Plug and play;
  4. NOVSIGHT matrix heat dissipation architecture technology (copper substrate heat conduction + aviation aluminum heat dissipation + hydraulic fan heat dissipation);
  5. Non-polarity design, to solve the short circuit situation caused by incorrect installation of the plug;
  6. Quick start;
  7. IP68 waterproof and dustproof rating;
  8. Service life of 100,000 hours;
  9. Intelligent temperature control system, intelligently identify the real-time conditions of product temperature and ambient temperature, intelligently automatically adjust the current, and reduce the risk of product dead lights;
  10. The chuck is adjustable to achieve the best light shape; (H1, H3, H4, H11, 9005, 9006, 9012, the chuck can be adjusted 360 degrees, H13, 9007, 9004 can be adjusted 180 degrees, 880, 881 cards The disc is not adjustable)
  11. Product mini size.


Brand  NovSight
Model  A500-N50
Type H4
Wattage  70W/pair
Lumen value  15000LM/pair
Applicable voltage  9V-32V
Lamp beads/light source  Automotive grade chips
Applicable ambient temperature  -40℃~﹢80℃
Waterproof grade  IP68
Color temperature  6500K
Product theoretical life  100,000 hours
Current  3A±10%
Product light body material  aviation aluminum (6063)
Heat dissipation method  copper substrate heat conduction + aviation aluminum body heat dissipation + hydraulic fan


Package Contents:

2x LED Light Bulbs

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