220V Portable Electric UV LED Mosquito Insect Terminator Lamp


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Product Description

220V Portable Bionic Electric UV LED Mosquito Insect Terminator Lamp (10004575)


This lamp can be used in bed-room, hall, hotel, office, chicken farm, stock farm and any other place where
needs killing mosquitoes.

Making use of the blue light from special light tube to lure insects such as mosquitoes, flies, etc and then the high voltage will kill these insects.

Scientifically designed to operate smoothly, yet plastic shield protects users upon touching the unit. The special designed inner blue light is harmless to human bodies and pets.

Soft light, low-consumed light, making the conjugal room more brilliant.

With high quality internal components, it can operate continuously during any time of the day or night.


Plug type: EU
Voltage: 220V
Suitable for: Indoor
Color: White
Applicable Area: 20 square meters
Time Used: 10 Hours
Power Source: charger (need to be connected to the charger)
Design: Regular


The lamp is designed with power saving, decorating, soft lights, so it should be used in a place without strong lights — using the lamp in bed-room without turning on any other lights for 10-20 minutes, or put the lamp in the darkness under a table while studying, are all good ways to use this lamp.

The suggested using height is 0.8-1.2m, and the distance to wall should over 0.30m. The best way is to put the lamp before a door/ window or any other place where easy to kill mosquitoes.

We suggest to use the lamp 24 hours continually to extend the using limits of the fluorescent tube.

In daytime, put some suitable bait in the lamp’s chassis and it can be used to kill flies.

To improve the killing efficiency of the lamp, it is necessary to clean the dead bodies of mosquitoes on the wire net regularly, while turn power supply s turned off, open the classis, and sweep the wire net with soft brush.

Package Contents:

1 x Mosquito Terminator Lamp

1 x USB Charge Cable

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